A transformative journey starts since the entrance gates of Terme di Saturnia, immersed in 120 hectares of parkland into nature’s healing embrace. Terme di Saturnia Natural SPA & Golf Resort grew up around the legendary thermal spring, natural wellbeing is at the heart of everything you will experience.

Take at least a breather from your everyday routine and unplug into a haven where you will be fondly taken care of, pampered and accompanied on the way to a physical and mental rebirth. Feeling in harmony with our surroundings is an essential ingredient for combating stress and reaching a state of wellbeing. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the uncontaminated natural environment and be lulled by the warm, legendary hot spring.


For 3,000 years people have been drawn to the natural power of our thermal waters that gush uninterruptedly from the centre of earth, within a crater, at a constant 37.5 °C, enriched by Saturnia Bioplancton. This warm temperature has beneficial effects with immediate easing of muscular and bone pathologies.

Saturnia thermal water is sulphurous, carbonic, sulphate, bicarbonate-alkaline-ferrous. It is rich in sulphur – which has a beneficial effect:

On the cardiovascular system with a cutaneous vasodilation and reduction of the blood pressure.

On the muscle skeletal apparatus with a myorelaxant and anti-inflammatory effect.

On the respiratory apparatus carbon dyoxide (CO2) determines deeper breathing and increased lung ventilation.

On the liver with a strong protective and detoxifying action.

Saturnia thermal waters stimulate the basal metabolic rate, reduce water retention, reactivate the capillary circulation and increase hepatic cell activity with a consequent lowering of blood sugar levels, an increased production of bile required for the digestion of fats and a reduced intestinal absorption of cholesterol. When drunk on an empty stomach and in small amounts, it facilitates digestion and has a positive effect on gastrointestinal disorders. Furthermore, the water of Saturnia performs a natural skin peeling action with its exfoliant, cleansing and antiseptic properties.

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